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Investigators are essential, without them we couldn’t conduct our research; and without research, medical advances simply aren’t possible. By joining out network, you could help countless people all over the world live longer, better lives.

As a practicing physician/investigator with PRS you become part of a bigger network of research practitioners, you gain access to novel drugs and treatments not available to other practices. Moreover you are given the opportunity to grow your patient database through advertising and connect with your desired patient population by leading one of our monthly workshops and support groups.

If you see that you’d like to be involved in research or would like more information on the process and details please follow the link below and our Partner Development team will be get in touch with you.

Interested in participating in cutting edge research, help move medicine forward and improve the lives of others.

Why do Research as a care Provider

1. As a practicing physician, you gain access to novel  drugs and treatments

2. Opportunity to grow your patient database through advertising

3. Opportunity for you to connect with your desired patient population by leading one of our monthly workshops and support groups

4. Remain current on upcoming drugs and novel treatments and enhance practice revenue

5. Offer patients novel drugs and treatments which are not yet available at other practices

Partnering with Pioneer Research Solutions

Referral Program

Step 1:

Pioneer Research Solutions shares upcoming clinical trials with you.

Step 2:

Shares upcoming clinical trials with your patients

Step 3:

Pioneer Research team then contacts the patients for clinical trial participation

Partner Site Program

Pioneer Research Solutions will act as the focal point for research we will take care of all the administrative duties, business development, contracts and budgets, billing, and recoveries.

We want the Physicians to focus on their research and most of all taking care of the patients.

How you can help your patients?

1. Your patients benifit from the availability of new treatment options and free medical care.

2. Participating study patients can qualify for compansation for their time and travel.

3. Additional opportunities for the patients to gain more knowledge about their diesease and to meet others with the same condition through our workshops and support groups

4. Patients will receive close monitoring by you and other professionals

How we can help

1. PRS provides complete infrastructure so that you can dedicate your time solely to the clinical portion of the research.

2. With our Recruitment tools we provide help in patient recruitment and growth of your patients.

3. Our programs are designed to provide Quality Assurance throughout your study.

4. PRS offers Regulatory Support while you conduct your clinical trial. We help maintain clinical trial documents and keep up with fedral regulations.

5. From the physician to the nurses and to the research coordinators, Pioneer Research Solutions provides Training for your whole team.

6. Provides state of the art Technology to conduct and track your research studie

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